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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do you remove Bed Bugs?

We use the latest and safest Heat Treatment available.  We never us any chemicals whatsoever.  The industry agrees that this treatment is leaps ahead of any chemicals.  

Can I find something on the internet that will work?

Don't be fooled by the internet.  There are no chemical spays, powders or devices that will do anything more then take your money and make your situation worse.

What does Heat Treatment involve?

With only a little preparation work from you, we will install precision heating equipment and fans to circulate hot air throughout the affected areas.  This will attract the bugs out from hiding  and will instantly die.

Do I need to do the entire home?

Generally no.  If bed bugs are discovered soon enough then often just  one area my need treatment.  We always offer the most economical option and promise to never do work that is not needed.

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